Meet Sheila

Meet Sheila

Hello, I’m Sheila – entrepreneur and employee, mother and daughter, sister and friend, student and trainer. So I am familiar with all the frustrations and joys of gratefully living your present while diligently working to create an incredible future.

As a life coach and speaker, everyday I support people in crafting plans to do something incredible – start a business, move abroad, change careers, start a ministry, go back to school, lose weight, or improve relationships. Anytime we want to shift something in our lives, no matter how great the plan, inspiration and encouragement go a long way.

I have created BlueSkyMagic to be just that for you – a place to visit for words of encouragement, to gain personal insights from like-minded people, and to celebrate the humor that comes with taking bold steps to change your life.

If you enjoy the blog, please follow, add your comments, share with friends, and connect with me on social media. Along the journey, should you have a need for the services of a life coach (or if you are not familiar with life coaching), I invite you to a complimentary sample session.

Most importantly, I commend you for being brave enough to believe and bold enough to take action. Let’s enjoy the journey together! We’ve got this!