Welcome to BlueSkyMagic!

For years, I have dreamed of having a way to share who anyone who needed or wanted inspiration, motivation and tools for change could.  This blog is the END of my dreaming.

BlueSkyMagic.com is the BEGINNING of my “doing”. It is the place where anyone who wants to be more, do more, or have more can visit for a regular dose of “Yes, the struggle is real, but you can do it! This might help you. Look how far you come! Keep going!” – all the messages that people wanting and pursing more need to hear!

BlueSkyMagic.com is personal. Very personal.  But it’s not about me. It’s about YOU! Are you contemplating (or making) a change in your life – starting a business, ministry or social organization; changing careers; pursing your spiritual purpose; trying to create healthy and beneficial personal and professional connections? These are kinds of topics you will find on BlueSkyMagic.com.

Why “BlueSkyMagic?”

Among those I coach and consult with, I am known for asking, “what is your Blue Sky?” Without fail, they look with tilted heads, and ask what I mean. Your ‘Blue Sky’ is your clearest picture of your ideal…if everything were as you dream it to be, what does that look like? What is your goal or purpose? Who are you serving? How are you pursuing your vision? Who are your partners? Whose life is improved? How does success look and feel?

In 20+ years leading and working with people, I have realized that each of us has something special to offer the world. When we identify and tap into it, ‘Magic’ happens!

So, BlueSkyMagic is all about helping you see and fulfill all the amazing potential around you, while encouraging you to stay tuned into and working from your personal magic!

Connect with me on social media, and to share your comments on each blog! If you know other action-takers and purpose-pursuers, share BlueSkyMagic with them!

Are you enjoying the blue sky? Don’t look up, look IN! It’s a beautiful day!

Yours in belief and action,